When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their newborn son, Prince George, were gifted a large cardboard box from the Finnish Government in 2013 media and the public were fascinated with the concept of baby boxes.  Of course, this was nothing new to the Finns as the concept had its origins in 1938 and has become a symbol of the value that country puts on its smallest and most precious citizens.

Since 2013, baby box news articles have appeared throughout the world and the concept has been adopted in various forms in both the not-for-profit and business worlds.

Here are just a few examples:

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The original news article published by the BBC

And a recent follow-up

Unboxing a Finnish baby box

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Blog post on why baby boxes really work


Worldwide Programmes

Kela - the Finnish Government agency responsible for the baby box concept

Business Insider article on a UK baby box programme

Huffington Post article on a Canadian baby box programme

BBC article on the Scottish baby box programme

Report on Scotland's baby box pilot programme



1 News story on BabyStart's work in New Zealand

Kela's Maternity Package unboxing